Hand and Millar is a young and dynamic company, underpinned by 50 years experience in public and private sector portfolios, programmes and projects.  It started with an off-hand comment while discussing the latest zero-based review: ‘hey, we could do better than this lot’.  We bet that sounds familiar to some of you at least! 


Over the next couple of years, this conversation progressed, with highs (we’re going to be bigger than McKinseys) and lows (we’ll never find the courage to leave our permanent roles in the big organisations). 


In the end, Jon found the courage to jump from the public sector, to, well, the public sector.  But, with a big difference - he was now employed as a contractor!  Jon quickly established himself as a key member of the team, and said that he felt like he had ‘come home’ in his new employment model!


Robin continued with Nationwide Building Society for a time, having three years earlier already taken what seemed like a giant leap from the public to private sector.  In fact, like so many things in life, it turned out not quite to be the ‘leap in the dark’ he feared.  It was fantastic.  But, ultimately, wanting to see through what had been started, and not wanting any regrets about what could have been, Robin also eventually found the courage to make the next big leap.


So what, we hear you ask?  Well, that’s our story, and it’s an important part of where we have come from, where we are and where we are going.  It sits at the heart of everything we believe and everything we will do.  Practically speaking, this means we will work only in organisations where we genuinely believe we have something to offer over and above what is available either in capability or capacity terms.  And, we will work with organisations, not for organisations – we want to give teams solutions that are sustainable and believe this can be achieved by doing things with you, not to you.


Beyond that, we live in the same village, have the same friends, and enjoy many of the same things.  We have a passion for cycling, and Jon recently completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride, raising over £15000 in the process for Bath’s Royal United Hospital. We are also both football youth coaches in the village.  And, while we very much partners in business, Jon works for Robin as a cricket coach at Marshfield Cricket Club where Robin is the Youth Secretary, leading a team of over 50 coaches and volunteers to deliver cricket to over 200 youth players.

How it all started.....

Doing Things Differently By Seeing Things Differently