1. Define and implement scaled and scalable PMO organisation.

  2. Design and implement PMO implementation roadmap.

  3. Define and articulate case for the benefits of a PMO.

  4. Design, implement and action plan for PMO maturity growth

  5. Deliver RAIDO, Governance, Lessons Learned, Quality, Decision Support, Resource services

  6. Value based project prioritisation and alignment with corporate strategy

  7. Define and implement Standards and Methods for PMO services

  8. Knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching for PMO creation and improvement

  9. Integrate and align PMO with wider corporate governance

  10. Undertake maturity assessment of PMO services and functions

  1. Ensures investments is focused on doing the right projects

  2. Increases stakeholder awareness  of the totality of business change

  3. Enhances business readiness for the business change

  4. Ensures resources are available to support priorities as necessary

  5. Able to mobilise quickly, and minimise disruption

  6. Business disruption kept to a minimum

  7. Support enhanced decision making at strategic and tactical level

  8. Increases stakeholder buy-in to and confidence of successful delivery

  9. Immediate guidance and support from experienced PMO professionals

  10. Rapid P3M maturity through application of tried and tested methodologies

When to use this service

This service can help you when your organisation needs to prioritise the demand for the transformational change necessary to deliver its strategic outcomes. It will also be needed when the growing numbers of projects introduce a level of complexity that requires the application of a coherent and consistent approach. Our PMO service components will deliver the necessary structures and support models to support all the business change in your organisation.

What we deliver

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will focus on three critical areas.  They will ensure that your projects and programmes optimally align to the outcomes required by your organisational strategy. They will work with you to assure that the organisation has the right capability and capacity to deliver the desired benefits of your change.  Our team will ensure that the benefits are fully articulated and achievable to support the business case for the planned change. This will be achieved through designing and implementing effective portfolio governance, including Programme and Project Governance, Decision Support, Planning and Control, RAIDO, Information Management, Resource Planning and Management, LFE, and Quality Assurance.

How we work with you

One of our senior partners will engage with you ensure that we understand the problem or opportunity need. We will propose the most cost-effective model based on the scale and complexity of the need. We will also assure the need by working across your organisation to capture a multi-stakeholder perspective.

The proposal will set out the blend of skills and durations required to meet the identified need. This will also clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of both organisations and establish any prerequisites.

We will define the benefits to the organisation of the PMO and provide senior advocacy of those benefits.

How we deliver this service

Our senior partners have extensive experience in leading and implementing P3O solutions in both the public and private sectors. Our approach uses practical application of well recognised guidance and methodologies (Management of Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Management of Risk (MoR), Association of Project Management (APM), Agile Project Management) appropriate for the context.

We have our own complete systems approach “IDEAS” which we apply to each intervention. This can be treated as a menu of services or a complete implementation

We will:
Identify – Establish the context of the PMO need and make the case for the service
Diagnose – Define the model options, set the objectives, define the scope and develop governance structures.
Evaluate – Define portfolio support (doing the right activities to deliver the benefits); define delivery support (doing the activities in the right way and doing them well) through standards and methods
Action –Align programmes and projects to strategy, prioritisation of projects and programmes, source tooling solutions, resourcing, communicate and implement the standards, reporting and assurance
Sustain – Check and monitor that all processes are fully effective and embedded. Review management buy-in and that cultural aspects have been fully addressed. Set-up a continuous improvement roadmap.

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