Risk Management

  1. Comprehensive risk planning, identification, assessment, reporting, mitigation service.

  2. Risk Identification, prompt lists, rich pictures, concept maps, SME interviews.

  3. Risk analysis, including development and testing basis of risk estimate. 

  4. Risk mapping matrix, understand risk hierarchy, parent and child relationships.

  5. Devise, refine and implement comprehensive Risk management Strategy and Plan

  6. Undertake Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis to support business cases.

  7. Define Risk appetite according to organisational context, define control framework.

  8. Define and implement Risk reporting requirements, creating user-friendly  dashboards 

  9. Define and implement Risk Controls Framework, appropriate to risk appetite

  10. Ensure Risk knowledge transfer is achieved throughout intervention



  1. Controlled approach to risk management

  2. Clear and agreed understanding of risks across wide stakeholder community

  3. High confidence of key risks enables targeted management intervention

  4. Provides logical understanding of risk interaction, dependency and aggregation

  5. Controlled, communicated, understood approach to risk management across stakeholders

  6. Supports management decision making and interventions, provides stakeholder confidence

  7. Supports understanding of wider business context, strategy, threats and opportunities

  8. Provides stakeholder confidence, supports decision making and direction setting

  9. Control frameworks support appropriate risk taking, optimising delivery experience

  10. Creates, supports and sustains risk management within the organisation

When to use our service

When your organisation needs to identify threats, and assess risks associated with Programme and or Project delivery. Our Risk Assessment and Management service will help you understand, assess such risks which may be strategic, financial, operational or delivery. This service is appropriate at all points in the life-cycle of you programme or project.

What we deliver

Our experience and knowledgeable consultants will ensure that your organisation discovers and implements the risk management system best suited to you.  We focus on delivering optimum business results across your organisation in a way that is sustainable. Working with you and your stakeholders we identify assess and manage risks and opportunities to give you a full understanding of your risk landscape. We deliver: Risk Maturity Assessments, Risk Strategy, Risk Plans, Risk Registers, Risk Reporting Process, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Schedule Risk Analysis and Cost Risk Analysis. 

By placing the management of risk at the heart of your decision-making processes you will increase the likelihood of delivery through a reduction in risk exposure aligned with your risk appetite, better risk culture, improved risk management knowledge, increased organisational buy-in, enhanced estimating and planning and optimised decision making.

How we work with you

One of our senior partners will engage with you ensure that we understand the problem or opportunity need. We will propose the most cost effective solution based on the scale and complexity of the need. We will also assure the need by working across your organisation to capture a multi-stakeholder perspective.

How we deliver our service

The proposal will set out the blend of skills and durations required to meet the identified need. This will also clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of both organisations and establish any prerequisites.

Our senior partners have extensive experience in managing operational and delivery risk in both the public and private sectors. Our approach uses practical application of well recognised guidance and methodologies (Management of Risk (MoR), Association of Project Management (APM), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Agile Project Management) appropriate for the context.

We have developed our own complete systems approach based on our experience in many complex businesses and programmes: “IDEAS”.  Working with our clients, we apply the IDEAS methodology to each intervention we make. This can be treated as a menu of services or a complete implementation.

We will:
Identify – Establish the context of the risk management need, set the objectives, define the scope and develop risk strategy, plan and register.
Diagnose – Identify risks through tailored interventions.
Evaluate – Generate assumption and evidence based assessment of probability and impact (including performance, cost, time and reputation). Identify and assign risk owners and linkages to milestones.
Action – Articulate and action the risk mitigations necessary to bring risk exposure back to risk appetite. Generate appropriate risk reporting governance and dashboards.
Sustain – Check that all processes are fully effective and embedded. Review management buy-in and that cultural aspects have been fully addressed. Set-up a continuous improvement roadmap.

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