1. Articulate, plan and execute organisational and team strategy

  2. Establish multi-stakeholder perspective on strategic purpose

  3. Working across the organisation to generate multi-stakeholder agreed strategic objectives

  4. Identify significant internal and external threats and opportunities 

  5. Define, set and plan for achievement of organisations goals

  6. Identify, test and assure the golden thread from strategy to activity

  7. Work with stakeholder to identify and define key strategic drivers

  8. Identify and select strategy frameworks

  9. Set strategic priorities through tools such as Pairwise analysis

  10. Define and articulate strategic performance management, Balanced Scorecard

  1. Links funding to genuine and agreed priorities

  2. Sets vision for all stakeholders to align to and support

  3. Ensures organisation or team remains competitive in operating context

  4. Clear prioritisation of activities in line with strategic goals

  5. Supports alignment of organisation and team resources to agreed priorities

  6. Provides executive and shareholder confidence of direction of travel

  7. Engages staff, and provides sense of purpose

  8. Enables success to be measured and continuous improvement to performance

When to use this service

When your organisation is considering embarking on, or needs to re-energise, its vision, purpose or strategy. This may be as a result of significant internal or external opportunities or threats.  Our strategy development service is ideally utilised at the point a significant opportunity or threat is identified. If you’ve already embarked on a change, and are not achieving the desired results, our service can be tailored to help recover your strategy.

What we deliver

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will ensure that your organisation defines, sets goals for and plans the implementation of the strategy in a way that aligns to the organisational culture.  We focus on delivering optimum business results across your organisation in a way that is sustainable, working alongside you. Working with you and your stakeholders we understand the key strategy drivers, the optimum solutions to respond to those drivers and an engagement plan to ensure that your organisation shares in the strategy development.

How we work with you

One of our senior partners will engage with you ensure that we understand the problem or opportunity need. We will propose the most cost-effective model based on the scale and complexity of the need. We will also assure the need by working across your organisation to capture a multi-stakeholder perspective.

The proposal will set out the blend of skills and durations required to meet the identified need. This will also clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of both organisations and establish any prerequisites.

How we deliver this service

Our senior partners have extensive experience in the development of strategy in both the public and private sectors. Our approach uses practical application of well recognised models, including Value Chains, Five Forces, Cost Focus, Differentiation Focus, appropriate for your context.

We have our own complete systems approach “IDEAS” which we apply to each intervention. This can be treated as a menu of services or a complete implementation

We will:
Identify – Establish the context of the strategy development need, set the objectives, define the governance, scope and develop the stakeholder engagement plan.
Diagnose – Articulate clearly the opportunity or problem statement and identify potential models to frame the approach.
Evaluate – Ensure the most appropriate model is adopted and work out the detailed approach to the development of your new or revised strategy.
Action – Develop the new or refreshed strategy, working closely with those identified in the stakeholder engagement plan.  Ensure the vision statement has the buy-in of key internal and external stakeholders and apply the model.  Define priorities within the strategy using Value Management, including Pairwise Analysis.
Sustain – Define an appropriate performance management plan to check the delivery of the strategy and perform routine interventions to hold to account those charged with implementation.

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