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Hand and Millar Management Consulting LLP has three distinct offerings. These are Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management, Strategy and Planning, and Coaching. Sitting within each of these is a range of supporting services.


Our experienced partnership delivers and sustains P3M solutions to the public and private sector. We are passionate about the benefits that the P3M service will deliver. Our service focuses on ensuring that the key outcomes of your business strategy will be delivered by following the simple philosophy of “doing the right projects right”. Our skilled and experienced team will exploit relevant frameworks and methodologies (P3O, APM, MSP) in a way that best meets the specific needs of your organisation.

“ This highly capable and dynamic team made simple work of a very complex and challenging task. Their ability to not only quickly gain a deep understanding of the task at hand, but also their ability to be able to clearly communicate this to other team members resulted in overall success for the programme“.


We know that the ability to define your organisations values, purpose and priorities is critical to ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.  Our strategy definition service will enable you to deliver maximum value to your stakeholders by ensuring that purpose is clearly set, and the means for achieving that purpose are understood and agreed. We will help you articulate, plan and realise your strategy by working across your organisation’s stakeholders and understanding and aligning your and their needs. We use our expertise in strategy development and exceptional interpersonal skills to integrate seamlessly with your business

"I was hugely impressed with how quickly Robin and Jonathan developed a full understanding of the nature of our business and what we were trying to achieve through our strategy process. They were both extremely approachable and were able to deliver feedback and ideas in a simple and understandable way, but also in a manner that was on a level appropriate to our business".


Hand and Millar Management Consulting will provide scalable coaching and mentoring programmes at the individual and team level to support organisations and their people through the transformational change that technology programmes often require.  Our programme can be tailored for individuals at all levels, utilising a wide range of approaches, including ‘solution focussed’ coaching, ‘positive psychology’, and ‘goal-based’ coaching using a range of proven coaching models, including GROW, CLEAR and ACHIEVE.

"I highly recommend Robin as a coach. He has a personable and professional style, which over the past few months has played a key part in helping me make some very important decisions about what i want to change in my life. He has used creative tools and techniques which has enabled me to take some early actions towards my goals.".

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