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Wiltshire Cricket Board (WCB) Vision and Mission Development


As part of the Hand and Millar Management Consulting LLP support to the WCB strategy development we facilitated the development of a WCB vision adopted by the key stakeholders.



The WCB enlisted Hand and Millar Management Consulting LLP to support the development of its county strategy in response to the England Cricket Board's (ECB) national level strategy.



The new ECB strategy promises additional funding to those counties able to develop feasible county level strategies, aligned to national priorities. 


Our Approach

Through initial consultation with WCB Managing Director our consultants established the need for a vision to be generated which would hold together the wider strategy work. We recommended a multi-stakeholder workshop as the optimum vehicle to harness the view and input needed to generate maximum buy-in. We designed and facilitated a workshop within the constraints of the client’s timescales and funding that used forced prioritisation methodology to form the basis of an agreed set of words.



By the end of the facilitated workshop WCB and its stakeholders had an agreed Vision Statement that was used for the consultation document for the wider Wiltshire Strategy.


WCB Vision

“Inspiring a lifelong love and involvement in cricket for all of Wiltshire”

"Hand and Millar Consulting supported Wiltshire Cricket with the development of our strategy consultation process and also in producing a company vision statement. I was hugely impressed with how quickly Robin and Jonathan developed a full understanding of the nature of our business and what we were trying to achieve through our strategy process. They were both extremely approachable and were able to deliver feedback and ideas in a simple and understandable way, but also in a manner that was on a level appropriate to our business. In developing our vision statement, Robin and Jonathan facilitated a workshop with the employees of Wiltshire Cricket. They created an atmosphere within this workshop that encouraged all employees to contribute, but more importantly to see a value in what we were doing; a great outcome given the scepticism that some employees might have had regarding vision statements prior to going in to the workshop"

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