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Hand and Millar Management Consulting is a youthful, dynamic and energetic enterprise, delighted to offer a wide range of management consulting services to the public and private sectors.  The partners have driven success at many levels, from large, complex multi-billion pound capital procurement programmes, to small-scale projects of less than a million pounds. 


Our core values of integrity, loyalty and partnership underpin everything we believe in and everything we do.  These values, and an absolute determination to place the needs of our customers at the heart of our business, create a powerful motivation for us to do the right things and to do those things right.


We exist to help our customers be the best they can possibly be, whatever the circumstance, whatever the industry, whatever the scale of enterprise. 


We will achieve our aim by using straight-forward language to help you identify the opportunities you have and the challenges you face. Using a wide range of tools and techniques that we have developed and refined over our careers, we will identify the best possible solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We believe in tailoring our approaches to meet the specific circumstances and context of your business.  Our interventions may last for anywhere between an hour and a lifetime.

Robin Hand
Robin 2023.jpg

Robin has a range of operations and portfolio, programme and project management experience across both the Public and Private Sectors. Notably, Robin has defined and established PMOs in capital procurement programmes and ICT environments.  He has also led on the production of business cases from £1Million projects to complex, multi-customer £1Billion programmes.  The experience Robin has gained throughout his career is underpinned by an MSc in programme and project management as well as successful completion of Managing Successful Programmes and Association of Project Management courses at practitioner level. Robin has a particular interest in organisation complexity, completing a highly successful MSc thesis in the complexity of managing projects in the financial services sector.  He is also interested in strategy development, benefits management, value chain, risk management, and team development.

Jon 2023.jpg
Jon Millar

Jon has a range of Programme and Business Change Management experience mainly in the Public Sector. He is a highly experienced, with over 20 years’ experience of delivering complex, multi-faceted change programmes in the Public Sector. He has extensive experience of Programme Management and Business Change including the delivery of change programmes on a multi-billion pound programme.  Jon is also passionate about ensuring that he secures value for money through change programmes. He has an extensive  track record in developing strategy that fully aligns vision, policy, stakeholder requirements within the context of the specific operating environment.  Having established the strategy is set, Jon has the skills and experience to translate high level strategic objectives and operating models into tangible and actionable plans for implementation, working alongside the client.

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